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چين 2029ع ۾ هن ڏهاڪي ۾ دنيا جي وڏي معيشت بڻجي ويندو پر 2025ع  اندر  پهچ  جي ڪري  چيني  چوٿين صنعتي انقلاب کان جدت  ٽيڪنالاجيون جهڙوڪ AI ۽ 5G .  

چين جي اقتصادي تبديلي اڃا تائين نسبتا نئين آهي؛ 2050 تائين اهو پري ٿيندو  جي جي ڊي پي جي ذريعي صاف  آمريڪا ۽ هندستان (پاڪستان پيپلز پارٽي جي ٻئي).  


شهريت جي اڳواڻي Jing-jin-ji، Yangtze River Delta، ۽ Greater Bay Area جي علائقن ۾ ڪئي ويندي جڏهن ته ان جا ٻهراڙي وارا علائقا ڪم ڪندا.  کان هڪ غير معمولي تبديلي  ڊجيٽلائيزيشن  ۽  انفراسٽرڪچر  اڏاوت  سان  چارج چينگدو جي اڳواڻي ۾،  ووهان، ۽ شيان مثال طور .  


1. AI

2.  ڊرون

3. قابل تجديد توانائيون

4. روبوٽڪس

5. خلائي پروگرام

6. راند

7. 5 جي

Digital Provinces, Chinese Fourth Industrial Revolution (Smart Cities), Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival (Heilongjiang)

Heilongjiang is developing a global AI scientific research hub focusing on digital agriculture, smart manufacturing, the IoT, and high-tech sustainability for example that will be facilitated by the ‘North China Data Center’. 


Heilongjiang had six autonomous farms in 2020 harnessing the IoT, cloud computing, and big data covering around 17,600 hectares while Jiansanjiang’s Honghe farm was the first in China using drones.


Flaked graphite production reached more than 500,000 tonnes annually by 2020 for added-value for electric vehicle batteries with HIT’s fully-autonomous Lithium Battery Smart Factory manufacturing 150,000 lithium batteries daily.


Since 2018 UAS crop protection has been utilised by at least 1,000 XAG P series units in Heilongjiang (significantly leading China for drone numbers and operational area coverage at over 1.6 million hectares by the end of 2019).


Find out more about Heilongjiang’s Digital Economy in Digital Provinces Guide: Countdown to the Chinese Century and Digital Provinces Guide Part One: Countdown to the Chinese Century in Shop

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