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Learn 10,000 words and 1,000 sentences of Mandarin using over 7,000 Anki virtual flashcards each complete with images, English and Shanghainese native pronunciation audio, pinyin, individual character breakdown plus hints (learning around three words per flashcard), and gifs using the Digital Dragon Dictionary. ​


The World's First Mandarin Digital Dictionary.

Download and import straight into your Anki collection for desktop and app.


The key to learning any word in a language is to “Turn Into a Picture (TIP)” - Jim Kwik - Super Brain Coach


The Digital Dragon Dictionary has already found an image for every word while there is also English and Shanghainese native pronunciation audio for each flashcard.


The Digital Dragon Dictionary is a big data rote learning repetition hybrid harnessing image and voice recognition to create an audio and visual immersive memorisation digital platform for an ancient Mandarin learning technique.


The 1,200 overall Beginner Deck words will help form the 3,700 Intermediate (multiple character) Deck words and will be listed in brackets forming two relational words such as ‘Hand' (shǒu) and 'Machine’ (jī) (Hand, Machine) for the word 'mobile phone' (shǒujī) that will help reinforce the visual image as well as any English hints such as ‘Samsung/Software’ or ‘Show Me' and enable you to learn three words per flashcard and around 10,000 words overall.


The overall around 5,000 word flashcards will then help form the 1,000 sentence flashcards in the Conversational Role-Playing Decks such as Chinese Culture, Chinese General Knowledge, Conducting Business, and Travel and Accommodation while any additional new words have individual flashcards (1,200) to form over 7,000 overall.


Mandarin will become the commercial global lingua franca again and the world's most studied foreign language. Already Mandarin has the highest number of native speakers globally, is the second most spoken language in the world, and around 200 million foreigners are already learning the only surviving ancient linguistic script today.

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